I agree with what you're saying Chris. However, in this circumstance, Adam has stated that he can access the site with a browser on his PC, but he can't access it with HTTPAPI from his RPG program.

To me, that implies that iPrism is blocking the System i, but is not blocking his PC. Consequently, software running on his PC should work. Thus his attempt at using VBA.

Frankly, their security model makes no sense. Block the i, but don't block PCs? Umm... which one do you think is more likely to get infected by a virus on a rogue web site? Gee... think about it.

Chris Bipes wrote:
How you do it does not matter to the proxy. What matters is who is
trying to access where via what port. Who being the source IP address
and logon credentials. Proxies do not care what the application is just
the destination IP address and Port.

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