Tyler, Matt wrote:
I would like to have the option IGNORE_DERIVED_INDEX set to *YES for regular end users that do not have authority to QAQQINI to CRTDUPOBJ into QTEMP. The offending logical file is related to my SQLRPGLE
only by the fact I joined a file that is part of a SQLVIEW that
happens to join to the offending logical file's table.


I can change the offending logical file in this case, but there are other logical files that may cause my SQLRPGLE program to use the CQE and not SQE (we are not at 6.1 and are not going to until end of 2009). I would like to not have to create an adopted authority program to CRTDUPOBJ QAQQINI or change the logical with S/O's.

Anyone have a suggestion for this?

That the possibility exists to /create an adopted authority program/ implies that the possibility exists to effect the CRTDUPOBJ at least once outside of such a program. For that reason, and that it is daft to make a copy dynamically for each run anyhow, just create a _permanent_ copy of the query initialization options that is available to the [user(s) of] the program to which the QRYOPTLIB() of the CHGQRYA command can refer. For example:

/* perform the following _once_ by an authorized user */
crtlib igndix aut(*exclude)
?grtobjaut igndix *lib aut(*use) /* to *public or
specific user(s) or aut() may best be an authorization list */
crtdupobj qaqqini qsys *file igndix data(*yes) trg(*yes)
?grtobjaut igndix/qaqqini *file aut(*use) /* to *public or
specific user(s) or aut() may best be an authorization list */
chgjob ccsid(37) /* as required, so as to not have ccsid(*hex) */
update ignidx.qaqqini SET QQVAL='*YES'

/* perform the following in the program to activate the .ini */
chgqrya qryoptlib(igndix)

Regards, Chuck

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