Do you have a default route defined that can access the internet? Can you ping the site from the i? PING '' to see if you can see the site from your i....

That url does respond to pings...

Eric DeLong

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I am trying to go this site: 
Url = '';                         
and get their foreign currency xml doc. that is all.
Code which works on someone else's machine, does NOT work on ours.
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Adam West wrote:
TO use XML, do you have to have any web server running on the i machine?

Strictly speaking, no. In reality, it depends on what you mean by "use
XML". Do you want to allow others to communicate with you by providing
a web service? Do you need to receive XML documents and process them?
Do you need to create XML documents to send to someone?

XML is not really a solution to a particular problem, it is just a way
of structuring data in a way which explains the meaning of the data. We
need more detail about what you want to do to recommend a solution.

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