You may not have noticed, but the given copy/paste of DSPOBJAUT detail looked like something from a .pdf whereby all of the /spacing/ was lost. As such, what object rights and data rights *PUBLIC has, are unavailable for review; the indicators were not aligned with the headings.

Regardless, the CPF2207 from QSYHNAUT should have effected placement of a T-AF entry in the QUADJRN [given the auditing for *AUTFAIL were active]. That authority failure audit entry should clarify to which object the user was not authorized. In the given scenario it should match the object noted in the message, since that message comes from the program that also deposits the entry. Had it instead been a message from the database, a diagnostic could obfuscate, by saying *JRN whereas it might actually be the *LIB. Does the /same/ issue exist if the same user issues STRJRNPF against the same file from the command line?

Regards, Chuck

Jeff Crosby wrote:

On V5R4, journaling all files in a library via the QDFTJRN data area existing in that lib.

Throughout the day a number of work files are created by users via a CRTDUPOBJ of a skeleton file. These work files are backed up that
night and deleted the following morning. I would like these work
files to be journaled for the duration of the day when created, but
they are not. The joblog says:

authorized to use object MASTER in library JRNLIB type *JRN."

<<SNIP doc reference and indeterminate *JRN & *LIB authorities>>

Anyone know what other authority might be needed? *PUBLIC has *ALL authority to the file itself at the time it is created (though I
later reduce that authority to *USE so when that task is completed
the file cannot be altered).

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