I seem to recall that, when you define the share, you can specify (by file extension) the text file conversion options.... Perhaps this was setup on one server, but not the other....

In iNav, go to File Systems > Shares and check the properties on the appropriate share.

Can you clarify what you mean that the file contents become unreadable? Where are you trying to read it from? Is the file created by the PC client, when storing the file to the IFS?

Have you looked at the file using WRKLNK? Check the IFS file attributes to see what CCSID the file was created with. I suspect you will see CCSID 037, yet the contents of the file are actually ASCII, from whatever your version of Windows is using.... (1252 here).... If the file CCCSID is EBCDIC (like 037), then you could use EDTF > F15 > Option 3, specifying an ASCII CCSID on line 3.

Eric DeLong

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I checked this setting already and it is set to zero which is suppose
to use the job's CCSID.

Le 30 Juin, 2008 à 11:08, "Pascal Bellerose"
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We use a tool that runs on Windows to copy certain files from one
folder to another and to rename the directory, files and some contnet
the files.

This tolls works perfectly on one of our systems, but another one
to have problems when the folder is created using Windows Explorer.
we copy files into it, the content becomes unreadable.

I checked the shares, the user's ccsid, the system's ccsid...
Everything's the same on both systems.

Anyone know what's going on?

Thanks guys!

Pascal Bellerose
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