Don Cavaiani wrote:

Is it possible to change the value of a CL variable to the value
of certain bytes in the *LDA?

At some point in time, the CHGVAR was enhanced to enable access directly to the *LDA for both set and get [using the %substring builtin function]. I do not see any *LDA support in ADDRESS() parameter of the DCL [declare variable], so I do not know if\what data type capabilities CHGVAR could give beyond enabling using CHGVAR; i.e. simply removes the requirement to use RTVDTAARA, and the same substring issue remains. It would be possible to declare typed data directly over the storage using a BASPTR [basing pointer] if the CHGVAR could use the %ADDR() to get an address to the *LDA. Presumably not possible, neither by CHGVAR &PTR %ADDR(%SST(*LDA 1 1)) nor %ADDR(*LDA) since %ADDRESS() builtin function apparently only supports a CL variable name.
Documented for %sst it is suggested that one may "code *LDA in place of the character variable name to indicate that the substring function is performed on the contents of the local data area."

The above on\by v5r4. I am not sure about any more on 6.1

Regards, Chuck

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