With the 2 address standardization packages I have used (Group One and
WorksRight) they have always returned the zip code in parts - Zip code (5
numeric) - Plus 4 (4 numeric) - carrier route code (I don't remember - would
have to look it up). I would store the individual parts, and combine them
when needed. I have always coded a separate field for foreign country
postal codes, as they sometimes contain alpha characters. I use a country
code to dictate which postal code set to fill and use. If 'USA' then ---

I don't know of any changes in the USA address standards, other than a
new intelligent barcode.

I don't think you could combine fields with copy file, but I would suggest
SQL insert statement that would use the old file as source, and combine the
fields as needed.



On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 3:03 PM, Booth Martin <booth@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Suggested size for Postal code, and changing the field attributes with

We keep postal codes in a variety of formats including alpha-5, numeric
5, numeric 5 + numeric 4, alpha 9.

Two questions:
1 - What is a generally accepted size * description today? (I recently
received mail from the US Government with a zip code of 12345-0123000)
2 - Is it possible, with CPYF, to map those various formats to one
common new format?

Booth Martin

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