Those who paid careful attention to what Dr. Frank did and didn't say this morning may have noticed that he did not talk about the future of "S/38 - AS/400 - iSeries - System i - i" at all. He merely talked about the future of POWER and programming changes needed to exploit that technology.

He made no mention at all of any future enhancements to follow "i 6.1.0" in "i 6.2.0" or "i 7.1.0" however I'm sure they will all be posted soon on an IBM web site somewhere. Probably right next to the page that clearly explains to customers and prospects why "i" is better for their business than AIX/Linux/Windows and why they should choose it.

Neil Palmer, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

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Dr. Frank didn't address "maintenance levels"
in today's webinar, but he did say that Power 7 was due
in 2010. Doesn't sound like they're giving up. In
fact, based upon past history (my major at UT), they're
probably already working on Power 8 and, even, 9.

He, also, talked about the new supercomputer at Los Alamos
(someone posted a link to an article this week) and its
basic (but still over my head) architecture and how it
relates to the i. Again, doesn't sound like
retrenchment to me. I don't know "who" the
trade media are, but it may be that, while reading some
financials, they may have simply seen reduced costs and
translated that into "maintenance" while it *may*
simply mean "doing more with less." I don't
have any facts; just speculation of various possible

What I found especially interesting was his discussion of
chip density (make it smaller to make it faster) and how
that limitation (small size) has probably been reached. As
well as the diminishing returns of threads on processing
speeds; doubling the number of threads does *not* double
the speed. After either 32 or 64 threads (hope I got that
right; I wasn't taking notes) there is little or no
improvement, but the complexity of managing those threads
increases as you add more, which means changes
(enhancements) to all languages, including RPG and COBOL -
but because of the i's architecture (aka: Planning
Ahead) even 36 environment programs will be able to
continue running - without re-compiling.

A trivia bit he threw in was that PASE originally stood for
Private Address Space Environment; marketing changed it to
Portable Applications Solution Environment.

Jerry C. Adams
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I'm two days behind in reading midrange-l....just
read a post (6/17)
with a comment about the birthday celebrating the
"name" AS/400.

It's the technology, how it has evolved, and what
it has become that we
celebrate! It is the product and it's
capabilities that we celebrate.
Not the name!

There will be a celebration in Rochester and the
appropriate IBM AS/400
thru IBM i executives will be on hand to help

if recent reports in the trade media that R&D on the
core OS has been
reduced by IBM to maintenance levels, that dampers the
celebration for
me. I think the new hardware is great and cant wait for my
order to be shipped. I hope at the celebration there will
announcements of the features planned for V6R2 and when to
expect its

Will G Glenn Henry be recognized as the person who created
software and MI side of the system? ( Dr Frank, I
understand, gets
credit for the SLS )


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