Your message data start position of 29 in CMPDTA is wrong.

DSPMSGD CPA4002 shows:
Verify alignment on printer &3.

Field Data Type Length
&1 *CHAR 10
&2 *CHAR 10
&3 *CHAR 10
&4 *BIN 2
&5 *CHAR 10
&6 *CHAR 10

You can see that &3 starts in 21, not 29.

Also, if teh assumption here is that the forms are always aligned, why auto reply with a 'G' and waste an extra form instead of with an 'I' ?

Neil Palmer, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

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From: Grizzly Malchow <grizzlym@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: ADDRPYLE for a message to a writer
To: "Midrange Systems Technical Discussion" <midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Received: Tuesday, June 17, 2008, 2:18 PM

We have a label printer named PRT28 in our warehouse that
always sends
the following message when label stock is switched.
Verify alignment on printer PRT28. (I G N R E C)
Currently I answer the message by doing WRKWTR , taking
option 7 and
replying with a G.

The message ID is CPA4002.
I ran the following command to add the message to the
system reply list
29) RPY(G)

Adding the reply didn't do what I hoped it would
because I still have to
answer the message.
I'm guessing that is because the writer is allocated
to the QSPLJOB
user profile and it uses the QDFTJOBD job description,
which has

Can anyone tell me if it would be a bad idea to change
*SYSRPYL insead of *RQD in the INQMSGRPY field? If so can
anyone offer
some alternatives?

Thanks in advance,

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