Normally when one see's "Not Installed" it means this:
- You ordered and loaded the ptf, and set it to apply during the next IPL
and haven't yet done that IPL.
- Or, you did do the IPL but, prior to the last IPL you ran an ENDJOBABN
or some such thing. This will mark the IPL as abnormal and may apply
57##999 ptf's but not any others. DSPSYSVAL QABNORMSW.

Not sure if it's possible to get that group successfully loaded and
applied. And, load it again. If so, I could see where it might mark it
as "Not Installed" yet have every individual ptf marked as already
applied. Why would this happen? Someone loads a lpp option (like option
## of 5722ss1) and decides they better reapply the last group ptf because
it may have a ptf that only applies to the new option.

I wonder if you could apply a group ptf, load another lpp option, reapply
the group ptf and now get the
Not found
The PTF is for a product option that is installed on the system,
but the PTF does not exist on the system.
because someone said, when ordering the group, only get ptf's needed for
this system and not for all systems regardless of lpp presence. If so, I
can see that happening. Make sense?
Because, if this is what happened then that same ptf would have said this
prior to the installation of the new lpp option:
Not applicable
The PTF is for a product option that is not installed or
supported on the system.

Rob Berendt

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