Not to mention the price of a ribbon versus that of a toner cartridge

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Yes.. I'm a reseller for the three largest printer manufactures in the
so I have some knowledge in that area.

Your suggestion to kill a technology makes no sense, unless there is an
excellent business case for doing so.

Laser printers are quite expensive to operate and a basic dot matrix
printer(ie:Lexmark 2481) can operate for years with little more than
a ribbon change. You can't say the same for a laser.

The laser makes sense in certain situations, but to say that all dot
matrix printers should go away is simply silly.

Lukas Beeler wrote:

Are you aware of laser printers that can use multiple paper sources?

You can also use builtin staplers to tackle the forms together. But
the better way is to change the process itself so that you no longer
require multipart forms (e.G. electronic billing).

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