SEU/PDM is *not* going away. but it's "stabilized" as IBM calls it. in
other words there will be no enhancements, now or ever again. heck they
won't even get rid of the s36 environment! but SEU/PDM (aka ADTS) IBM
made it pretty clear at COMMON that it's there but not being enhanced.

Tommy Holden

James Lampert <jamesl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Midrange Systems Technical Discussion <midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
04/10/2008 03:35 PM
Re: Elimination of PDM/SEU in favor of WDSC/RDI

DebbieKelemen wrote:
I know I'm in late on this discussion. However, I wanted to ask if
there is
an article or something somewhere which states that PDM/SEU is going
Also, you mention the various "seats" & pricing - is this chart
available as

Well, it certainly isn't going away on any development boxes you choose
to keep at the current release or some previous release!

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