Even though you say you don't want to go down that road, I would suggest

Failing that, SAVLIB or SAVCHGOBJ, using save while active, to an outfile,
then SAVSAVFDTA to tape.


Glenn Gundermann
(647) 272-3295

I am looking for a way to "backup" or make copies of files and
libraries, without knocking people out of the system or slowing them
down to do so. I need a way to periodically backup up transaction files
or updated master files periodically throughout the day and send them to
an alternate box. HA software is not an option at this point. I know I
could use journaling but do not know that I want to go down that road,
or else I will push for the HA software.

Can I use CPYLIB, CPYF, CRTDUPOBJ, SAVOBJ, SAVLIB commands and achieve
the results I am looking for? I realize I might have to run them
multiple times throughout the day.

Thanks for the direction.


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