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Haven't done any kind of cost comparison (neither TCO nor just
hardware/software). We have a very simple set up here, but it is also
critical to our business. When the mail server craps out, everybody
gets irritable, but they survive. When the Windows file server goes
south, people get belligerent, but no one dies. When the System i5 goes

south, people get - hell, I don't know what they get; it's never died.
But I do know that the mission critical applications are on the System
i5 because of its reliability; my boss just laughs when a Windows vendor

tries to sell him a Windows solution to replace our i5 apps (and he's a
Windows guy!).

[Bruce Barrett] I know around here we have the same responses from the
company except on the rare occasion the iSeries has hiccupped, you
thought I killed someone child.

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