Therefore you think that TCP should not be 5722TC1 but should be part of 
5722SS1 also?  And, not an option of 5722SS1, but part of *BASE?  Because 
TCP "is required to administer something on the iSeries" in the same 

Let's face it, Java is a hog.  If you have some shop that is only using an 
i5 as a glorified S/36, requiring them to load Java as part of the base 
may be a waste.  Especially if you have to support multiple versions of 
   ID     Option  Feature  Description 
5722JV1   *BASE    5050    IBM Developer Kit for Java
5722JV1   *BASE    2924    IBM Developer Kit for Java
5722JV1   5        5105    Java Developer Kit 1.3 
5722JV1   6        5106    Java Developer Kit 1.4 

Rob Berendt

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