On 12/8/06, albartell <albartell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>the 16 meg size limit on space allocations is one.

I agree to some extent.  Given your specific reference of XML, if you are
passing 16MB of XML you more than likely have an infrastructure or approach
problem than anything.  This is purely opinion based on MY use of XML.  XML
is too much of an untamed animal to have a productive discussion on it as
some people use it to pass entire databases which is DEFINITELY not a good
choice if space and speed have ANY concern in your programming practices.

I am sure in the next few years 16MB will seem like small stuff.  Just look
at all of the different mediums out there that we are being introduced to.
Who would ever think that we would need to be concerned about MP3's or sound
files, but look at what IBM is introducing low-level into the i5OS (i.e.
VoIP capabilities).  How does/should one process those files from RPG/Java?
Maybe a better question is how will those resources be used?  If they are
being listened to through a browser then streaming makes sense.  Streaming,
in my mind, can take very little memory and processing power if programs are
truly streaming.  Until hardware size catches up with resources we create
(xml, audio, images, etc) we will have to keep programming at lower levels
than we wish.

stream files handle MP3s and other large binary objects well enough.
In a networking world, where objects have to be convertable to and
from string form so they can be sent from here to there, the OS has to
support biggee sized strings.  Teraspace I guess is the answer, but I
have my doubts.


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