Have an Operations Console direct connect on a 520. It's about 537.2
miles away. I access the PC using PC Anywhere over a VPN. Worked like a
charm... until sometime in the last month or six.

V5R3 on 520 has reasonably current PTFs, but I haven't used the console
for a while.

Now it says "connecting console" in the status, but the console session
never appears. Disconnect, reconnect, shows the same thing. I get the
popup  message about it being connected to the 400 at 115.2Kbps, but
still no console session screen.

I have rebooted the PC. No luck, same thing.
I deleted the config and rebuilt with the wizard. No luck, same thing.
I uploaded V5R4 CA and reinstalled on the PC. Reboot PC. No luck, same
Deleted and recreated again. Rebooted again. No luck.

I would send one of the warehouse crew up to the server room to poke
around... but I get the connection popup, so I don't think it's the
cable. Anyone else have a quick idea? I hate to make the trip up there
for upgrading to V5R4 just because of this, especially since it will
have to be Christmas week.

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