I've used this as a quick ref.  It gets you to the SF, but the details
are in the security reference (Chapter 9 for V5R2)

kkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 11/28/2006 11:11:39 AM >>>
Hope this helps from TAATOOL DSPJRNCDE. 

Cde  Ent Sub  Text description      
T   SF   A   Spool file read       
T   SF   C   Spool file created    
T   SF   D   Spool file deleted   
T   SF   H   Spool file held     
T   SF   I   Create of inline file
T   SF   R   Spool file released 
T   SF   U   Spool file changed  

I know it's not a direct link but got to love TAATOOLs.

Ken H.

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Hey, anyone got a direct hot link to find the values for the results of 

SF  D 
SF  A 
SF  D 
SF  A 
SF  D 
SF  D 
SF  R 
SF  R 
SF  A 

I know that SF is Spool File.  Trying to find out what the next letter 

Rob Berendt

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