A while back I wrote a CL program to "zip" and "unzip" a library. The CL to create the "zip" file can be found here:

The CL to "unzip" the library can be found here:

I front ended the CL with a cmd to prompt for the parameters but the base CL should work file for you. At least, you should see the basic approach to use.

Hope this helps.

Pete Helgren

Lim Hock-Chai wrote:
Yes, copy it to stream file and then jar it seems to be working.
However, I'm not able to un-jar it, it does not do anything.

Below is what I did to un-jar:
Jar -x test1.jar

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I justed tried this:


and then ran jar over the to-stream-file. Seemed to work fine though I
didn't un-jar it to see if it worked.

Lim Hock-Chai wrote:
I've been trying to jar a SAVF file to a ifs directory without any success. Can anybody help? below is what I got: jar -cf test1.jar /qsys.lib/palhc.lib/test.FILE Function not allowed.
        at java.lang.Throwable.<init>(

        at java.lang.Exception.<init>(







Save File TEST exists in PALHC library. Not sure why it keeps telling

me that file not found.

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