On 27/11/2006, at 11:04 AM, Mike Pantzopoulos - ((H/O)) wrote:

Does anyone know if iSeries DB2 allows a trigger to be created which
fires when more than one event occurs?

You can use the same trigger program for all events. That's why the trigger buffer tells you the event information.

I want to fire a trigger after any INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE on a
particular file.

I presume you mean the same trigger program? If so then yes it's possible.

I'm trying to avoid having to create three separate triggers.

No need for separate programs. Use the trigger buffer to test the event and time and branch accordingly.

I tried using the Ops Navigator wizard and it only allows one event to
be selected at a time.

ADDPFTRG has same restriction. Run it multiple times with same program but different events and times. OpsNav should allow the same thing.

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