If the vendor use *list or *source (??), the following from a thread in archieves should do it - but not as easy as with the CLP :-)

I like that, Tom - will keep that in my bag of tricks

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Vernon Hamberg wrote:
An alternative is to STRDBG on the program in question. If you have
the source or listing debug view, you can copy everything by rolling
through the screens. Use Edit-copy for the first screen, the
Edit-copy append (it's on the Edit menu) for each successive page.

Also, you can STRCPYSCN to an *outfile. Then you can scroll through
the listing without needing to copy/paste. Some editing of the
resulting *outfile leaves just the "source".

Tom Liotta

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I have a vendor package that didn't mind my modifiying their CL Source, as 
long as I kept it current with each upgrade. I just received an upgrade, and 
as part of my testing, began retrieving the source that I have customized. Lo 
and Behold, the CLP is now CLLE. Is there a command to retrieve this source 
also ?

(I am contacting the vendor also !)


Cyndi B.
Boise, ID

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