We use the RJS Print Server to print all forms which sends them back to 
the appropriate remote outq.  We use laser NCR paper, so when the drive 
makes notations, he doesn't have to write them twice.
By the way we bar code these documents and image the signed copies, then 
get rid of the hard copies.
Carl Novit
FRS, Inc.
843.720.7436 ext. 7708

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11/14/2006 03:15 PM
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replace multi-part invoice form

Need ideas for replacing a multi-part form printed on twinax printers 
3 parts - office(white), driver(blue), customer(yellow) - paper is 
Office copy stays in office, to match with driver's returned & signed 
Currently customer signs top form and driver leaves customer their yellow 
This is not UPS or Fedex - this is low tech, low wage drivers.
Drivers & pickers pull their paper from printer, so must be easy load & 
Office people just enter the orders (5 - 7,000 month). This is food 

Managers like the idea of printing on blank paper, putting some color on 
2nd & 3rd copy.
Leaning towards color laser 3 drawer (i know the consumable may rule this 
Office likes HP lasers....
They did already rule out (for now) colored paper in the correct order 
from single tray).

I know overlays & form printing. I'm wondering how most sites transformed 
twinax based
multipart forms into something else. 
Jim Franz

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