Excuse me for jumping in, but I saw the magic words "model 150"...  I have
one here which seems to boot but I don't have the console cable to be able
to connect it to my PC... if you happen to have one available could you
please contact me off list.



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Well, the next time I upgrade my development box (currently a 520), I'll
probably get a machine with an HMC just so I understand how it works.  But
the model 270 is going to stay with me for the foreseeable future; it will
be a viable machine for serving up web applications and demos for some time
(unlike my poor little model 150, which sits in a corner and collects dust
and hasn't even been turned on in a year).


From: Larry Bolhuis

Why Suuuuure! FrankieIII runs V5R4, V5R3, V5R2 AND Linux all without an
HMC and he's a 270!  However if I could figure out a way to hook an HMC
to him, i'd do it!

 - Larry

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