I'm used to the tabs. I've checked All Servers and Application Servers. There is a dropdown to list the different servers on the Application Servers tab, but the only entry (besides Select One) is All Servers.

I'm using MSIE because I've had problems with the IBM created apps and Firefox. Not that it should matter, but I always use https://myserver:2010/HTTPAdmin because I like to encrypt everything.

The box is an 810 with 4GB of RAM, and I'm basically the only user doing anything on it, so there isn't much delay for anything loading. I didn't mention explicitly, but our app didn't work at all after the V5R3 upgrade until I found the WAS group to apply. Today is the first day the app crashed (I've been told it was running today then stopped) even though it hasn't been on the admin page since the upgrade 3 weeks ago.


Ingvaldson, Scott wrote:
Is it possibly under a different tab?  At V5R3 you should find multiple
tabs under the "manage" tab. (at
http://yourservername.com:2001/HTTPAdmin )  You should see "All
Servers", "HTTP Servers", "Application Servers" and "ASF Tomcat
Servers."  Under "All Servers" you should see more tabs, with "HTTP
Servers", Application Servers" and "ASF Tomcat Servers" again.

If you are on the "HTTP Servers" tab you can't see the WAS Servers, and
if you are on the "Application Servers" tab you can't see the HTTP

If you are on a smaller box these may take some time to load.  Make sure
that your ADMIN jobs aren't thrashing in the system pool.  Also, I think
you need to have pop-ups enabled on your browser and I'm pretty sure
that only IE and Firefox are supported. (Maybe only IE.)

Let me know if this helps...

Scott Ingvaldson
iSeries System Administrator
GuideOne Insurance Group

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date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:22:47 -0500
from: Sean Porterfield <sporter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
subject: V5R3 Websphere application server not showing in admin

I know very little about WAS, even though I configured it on our server.

  (I was following vendor directions.)  I set everything up on V5R2 then

recently upgraded to V5R3. After putting on the latest group PTFs, everything was working fine. I noticed, though, that the WAS instance no longer shows on the HTTP admin page. I see the HTTP server instance there but not the WAS one.

Today it is not working, so I was going to follow the Windows method and

stop/start the service to see if it would fix itself. I can open a PMR if no-one knows the answer off the top of their heads, and I might be able to stop/start from a command line. I was a bit curious as to where

the HTTP admin server got the list of application servers to see if it were just corrupted somehow.

Sean Porterfield

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