Suggestion 2:
As I remember there's a difference between PC-SCSI and AS/400-SCSI.

AS/400-SCSI is 'low level formatted', which is not the same as PC-SCSI
formatting. I think I remember a utility which could format 'low level', but
it's nearly 10 years ago I read about it and maybe PC's and AS/400 SCSI 
formatting is the same nowadays.

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Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions.  We want to resell these
drives so I don't think the barbeque method will work for us but I will
use plenty of beer.  I was thinking of deleting the production libraries
and writing to a file until the check light came on.  The "Install them
in a PC with a SCSI card & use a cheap/freeware DODWipe to zero the
drives" sounds possible.  Are there any good suggestions out there?  
Guy Henza

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