Hi Mark,

An answer regarding batch printing of pdf's to an IPDS
capable printer or using the AFPDS to PCL capability
of host print transform would be as follows:

There are a number of software products, which provide
pdf to AFP conversion. Many of these software tools
allow for indexing and job splitting of the pdf files
as well for batch printing purposes.

The problem in the case of the iSeries - AS/00 servers
is that not all of the packages run under i5 OS -

Assuming you were able to find a package that met your
requirements, once the files are converted into *AFPDS
format you have the option to print them via PSF/400
to IPDS printers or convert them with host print
transform for HP PCL laser and inkjet printers.


Best Regards,

Paul Tykodi
Principal Consultant
TCS - Tykodi Consulting Services LLC
E-mail: ptykodi@xxxxxxxxxx

>date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 14:53:36 -0400
>from: "M. Lazarus" <mlazarus@xxxxxxxx>
>subject: Re: PDF to spool file.
>  I recently ran into a situation that would have
save >the client a lot of money and time had they been
>easily able to do that.  PDF is a fairly common
>format.  They have thousands of PDF documents that
>their users and clients can view, email or print on
>  But shortly after they are first generated (on an
>overnight or weekend run) they need to be printed
(for >legal reasons.)  There are a limited number of
>printers that print PDF directly, so they had to buy
a >printer dedicated to the task, although they
already >had high speed printers (albeit ones that
didn't print >PDFs.)  The alternative was to run it
through a >Windows driver attached printer.  Neither
solution was >ideal.  Having the ability to flip it to
*IPDS would >have been great.
>  -mark


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