When playing around with iSeries Navigator to help Grizzly out on the 
midrange-l, I noticed a feature,
Host Applications tab,
  Operating System/400
    All object
      Access job log of *ALLOBJ job

Currently most of our developers are set to not have *ALLOBJ access on our 
production machine.  Some of them service programs running under special 
user profiles that have *ALLOBJ.  Regardless of attempts to get them to 
adopt authority versus having the jobs run under a profile with *ALLOBJ 
they aren't budging.  Now that I've discovered this new feature that will 
allow them to see the joblog and figure it out I am wondering if I should 
turn it on.  I've yet to see anything in any of these special jobs job log 
that would be "curtains for the free world" if it was visible to the 

In fact, many versions of the OS ago this was not a concern and these 
developers could see the joblogs.

Anyone see a drawback to opening it up?

Rob Berendt

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