I hope not. Has anyone tested this? The Application Administration changes server settings. It's not the same as selective setup on the client to uninstall data transfer (which a user could possibly figure out). I was "ass-u-ming" that (*ALLOBJ or some other special) authority was required to change the settings.

Vernon Hamberg wrote:
Intrepid user might be able to figure this out - a more secure solution is one of the exit points, although more work. You might also want to uninstall the data transfer feature - makes it all a little harder - including the Excel add-in.


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Right click on the connection, or system name, itself.  From the drop
select 'Application Administration'.

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Giving user authority to Data Transfers and such in Client Access

It's been roughly 3 years since I've had to change someone's authority
to run a CA data transfer. I know I need to do it in Ops Nav, but I
can't remember where I need to do that. I've tried looking at the Users
and Groups and checking the properties of the user, but I don't see
where I can change setting to allow for data transfers. If I remember
correctly you could also maintain allowances for ODBC, FTP, and Remote
Commands in the same place.

Thanks in advance.


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