> From: rob@xxxxxxxxx
> Well thank you.  :-)
> But, honestly, I can't take credit for all of the 4,600+ ptf's listed
> http://www-912.ibm.com/a_dir/as4ptf.nsf/wwwv5r3?OpenView&view=wwwV5R3


Yeah, but do you see what IBM calls a PTF?  If there's a misspelling in
a command, you'll get an INCORROUT PTF to fix it.  And while you and I
may not agree on the stability of the OS, I still match up those 4600
PTFs against the hundreds of severe security patches released for

Also, I appreciate your input.  It's good to have someone here who
really uses the machine the way it's supposed to be used and is willing
to tell us the problems in the trenches.  I'd still like to know what in
particular you guys do that manages to stretch the envelope so much.

Do you think it might be that you always use the latest release and
immediately use the newest and greatest features (I don't know that you
do, I'm just asking)?  Or maybe you use combinations of features that
aren't often used?  Or you use some of the features under a heavier load
than IBM might have anticipated?

What makes your shop special?  And honestly, if I had to hold up your
shop as the Little Shop of iSeries Horrors, it's still a far cry from
the terror stories we hear about other platforms (not just Windows,
Walden <grin>).


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