All according to this article:

"On that same day (April 1st), IBM also plans to withdraw the OS/400 PASE AIX 
runtime environment (feature 5732 of OS/400) from marketing, as well as its 
feature 1893 36.4 GB, 10K RPM disk drives. Now that the i5 supports the real 
AIX, IBM doesn't want to sell customers an AIX runtime environment or pay to 
support it on older machines. Customers who want to run Unix applications on 
their OS/400 platforms will just have to upgrade to i5s and run the real AIX."

WTF?  I don't explicitly use PASE at present, but I was under the impression 
that some of the new features in OS/400, (DNS, C++ compiler maybe?) were 
actually AIX executables running in PASE.  How can they kill it off?

Seems like that could cause some problems to those on older but recent boxes 
such as my 810.

How exactly does the dropping work?  If I order v5r3 now will it have PASE but 
if I order it after March 1 it won't?

Charles Wilt
iSeries Systems Administrator / Developer
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America
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