DSPFFD should do what you want. The first 11 fields in the outfile from
DSPFFD refer to the file and are duplicated for each field in the file. The
outfile from DSPFFD will give you one record for each field in your file and
contains information like:

Field name
Starting position
Field length
# of digits/decimal positions
Column heading
Field type

Have fun!
Richard Casey

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I do want field descriptions.  I basically need a file layout.

Jansen, Larry wrote:

>Glenn:  I am a bit confused by your question.  DSPFFD is used to display
>File Field Descriptions, that is, the names and characteristics of each
>field in a named file.  DSPFD is used to display File Descriptions, namely,
>the characteristics of the file, such as information about members, record
>length, number of fields in the file, and more.  It sounds like you want
>Larry Jansen
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>**** Novice Question Alert ****
>I am trying to get a file description into a library so that I can query
>off  it for a file conversion project I am attempting (note: more
>questions to follow on that subject).  When I perform a DSPFFD on the
>file for display on the screen the command works as advertised.  When,
>however, I use the *OUTFILE option my file contains the contents of the
>file instead of the file description.
>Obviously I have erred.  Below is the command I'm using.  Any insight is

Glenn Thompson
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