Try using the STRPCO and STRPCCMD in your CL.

the STRPCCMD would call a batch file on the PC to change to the right
directory and use the RTOPCB or RFROMPCB pc commands.

Bryan Dietz

Aktion Associates

midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 10/19/2004 04:09:16 PM:

> Creating a .CSV file from an AS/400 file and importing that into an
> db table.  Trying to cut down on the number of manual steps needed to get
> from point A to point Z.
> Currently, the CSV creation is done via "Data Transfer From iSeries".  We
> have .dtf files defined and double-click these to invoke the file
> app.  If these .dtf files were on the IFS, how could these be run from a
> program?  (My memory is quirky today and an archive search turned up no
> or 2,000,000 hits.)  Links would be greatly appreciated.
> Also, I tried CPYTOIMPF, and this works seemingly well, but this method
> not trim trailing blanks from text fields, whereas the "Data Transfer
> iSeries" method does.  I'm not sure if there are any implications of
> differences when the data is imported into Access.  Anybody know?
> Finally, this may be a PCTECH question, and I will ask there as well, but
> since it is related to this...  Is there an easy and reliable way for a
> program to invoke the steps that import the CSV into a specific Access
> table?  It would have to replace the existing data in the table.
> tia,
> db

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