It's a good idea to issue (as you do) regularly a WRKJRNRCV *ALL/*ALL on
every system: you can find gems like your 154 receivers on one journal
very likely.
In this specific case, the system IS managing your receivers, it just don't
delete them automatically !
Your library DIRSRV looks like a SQL COLLECTION.  The parameters used by
SQL to create the QSQJRN journal are MNGRCV(*SYSTEM) DLTRCV(*NO): so you
can have a bunch of receivers left behind (specially if you are IPL'ing
often).  I would avoid to change to DLTRCV(*YES), if you need to save the
receiver before deleting it. If you don't care saving them, delete all the
old receivers, and issue the following command :
BTW, in V5R3, the default for the CRTJRN  CL command is also
MNGRCV(*SYSTEM) instead of *USER in the older releases: it's a significant

Side question : has your DIRSRV library something to do with LDAP ?  In
this case - I mean if you are using LDAP - you will find myriads of *USRSPC
objects in library QDIRSRV2.   You can also consider a periodic cleanup of


Bonne réception/Best regards
Richard THEIS
  iSeries Education, France

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