No poke taken, Joe.

Probably, I should have said "free single license", in the spirit that
Linoma does their Surveyor (or used to?) and ProData does with their DBU GUI
client (although, clearly, you have to buy DBU to get that).  Or, maybe even
"open source".

It's been way too long since I last used WS-FTP LE to remember what was
meant by "Free for personal use".  That's my bad, but as I think of it now,
since WS-FTP LE had designed in an interface to the AS/400, who, then, could
use it strictly as non-work-related, personal-use?  I may have applied some
liberal translation there, perhaps more than I should have.  You make a good
point with your example, Joe.  And I will reconsider my wording of the

Just to be clear, I support and pay for shareware.  But usually I search out
free alternatives, which may or may not include open source.

BTW, how many people are willing to admit they're using WinZip without a
license?  I found something called 7-Zip and, although the interface is a
bit clunky, it does the job.


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> From: midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx / Joe Pluta
> Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 12:21 PM
> This isn't a poke at you, Dan, but you sort of brought it up, so I'll
> ask here.
> What's the opinion of the list on using "Free for personal use" software
> for work-related activities?  I'm asking opinions here; there's probably
> no "right" or "wrong".  It's just that it gets VERY murky for an
> independent like me - pretty much anything I do is work-related, yet at
> the same time, it's pretty much just me, so I'm firmly straddling the
> line between personal and professional use.
> Up until now I've been pretty good about paying for software, even
> shareware, simply because I like to support small software developers.
> For a long time I thought I was the only person with a registered copy
> of WinZip <grin>.  But prices continue to go up even for shareware and
> you need more and more software to get a job done, so it's becoming a
> concern.
> Just asking for thoughts.
> Joe

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