This isn't a poke at you, Dan, but you sort of brought it up, so I'll
ask here.

What's the opinion of the list on using "Free for personal use" software
for work-related activities?  I'm asking opinions here; there's probably
no "right" or "wrong".  It's just that it gets VERY murky for an
independent like me - pretty much anything I do is work-related, yet at
the same time, it's pretty much just me, so I'm firmly straddling the
line between personal and professional use.

Up until now I've been pretty good about paying for software, even
shareware, simply because I like to support small software developers.
For a long time I thought I was the only person with a registered copy
of WinZip <grin>.  But prices continue to go up even for shareware and
you need more and more software to get a job done, so it's becoming a

Just asking for thoughts.


> From: Dan Bale
> In the past, I used WS-FTP LE and thought it worked very well for
> things between the PC and AS/400.
> I just went to look again, but it appears that "free-for-personal-use"
> is no longer available.  Can anyone recommend a decent, free

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