I'm having trouble with FIrefox and Info Center too.  Yet I found a page 
listing web browsers supported by IBM sites and Firefox in listed there. 
Resorted to the evil IE and though it did eventually display the pages, it 
was WAY slower than it used to be.
Someone isn't doing their job.  :-)


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RE: Info Center TOC and Firefox?

I am using MSIE and I am going to
and I too am now noticing that the left pane is not filling up and a small 

warning at the bottom 'Error on page'.  I've accessed it in the past so 
IBM must be having a bad day.

Previously I used the option to create a local webserver and I can still 
access it fine from that.  Even into the upgrade steps.  I wouldn't try 
accessing it directly from the CD's.

I would suggest looking into the online 'Memo to users'.  Always rely on 
the latest  for that.

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RE: Info Center TOC and Firefox?

Does anybody know what the resolution for this issue with InfoCenter is?
While planning for a server upgrade tomorrow, InfoCenter navigation
stopped working.  If I access InfoCenter over the web I get a runtime
error on every page and no navigation pane.  If I access it from the CD
I get the navigation pane but none of the links work.
It seems to have stopped working after installing the Hardware
Information Center which is the replacement for the hardware manuals.
The Hardware information Center itself was so full of broken links I
gave up on it right away.  It could be the same problem.
I know I'm venting to the wrong crowd but we don't pay the kind of money
we do for a robust computing environment only to have it break because
of a two bit piece of PC software.  What a waste of time, at the wrong
time, addressing a browser issue.
I've downloaded the java plugin.exe that Dan, or is it Dale, referenced
but am unsure how to uninstall the current plug-in or if it solved the
problem.  Can anyone provide some guidance?
Lastly if anyone from the infocenter team is listening, I am waiting for
a support line return call.
Joe Cox
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> Is anyone else having a problem using the TOC Java applet in the
> Information center with Mozilla Firefox on WinXP (Java 1.4.2_05)?
> I can't get it to properly display the TOC ... either it doesn't
> at all or just a small square in the upper left corner.
> When I open the Java console I see a massive number of "NavBar: null
> pointer exception occurred in paint" messages being displayed.
> Any suggestions?
I don't remember if I experienced that exact problem while I was testing
a few weeks ago, but if you try doing a search on the main InfoCenter
and, in the search results window, you click on a link, nothing happens.
had to right-click and select Open Link in New Window.)
I sent feedback to the InfoCenter team and, basically, it is a known
with the Java plug-in.  The recommendation was to uninstall the current
Plug-in and install an older version (1.4.1_04) that IBM has "great
with across all browsers.  We have a copy of it stored at
<http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/iseries/jre/javaplugin.exe%22> ;.
Since yours appears to be a Java-related problem, you may want to check
out.  I would be very interested if this fixes your problem.  I haven't
installed the older plug-in yet on mine, as I've been too busy and I
a bunch of time on Firefox; had to get some real work done.

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