Of my three 520 installs one in Indianapolis & Muncie IN came out of 
Rochester, the one I installed in Cincinnati came out of Ireland. 
Maybe Cincinnati is closer to Ireland than Rochester ?  ;-)

When on the phone to Rochester about some problems I complained that there 
wasn't even ONE can of Guinness included in the shipment.  Several of 
those sure would have helped these installs go better !  ;-)


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Re: IBM i5 520 built in Ireland?

Where is it being installed - stateside?  That would be rather freaky.  If 

it was overseas then I can see how IBM might have them first go through 
some other port.  Perhaps it's already a trade in that's coming back 

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Fax to

IBM i5 520 built in Ireland?

FW: This is the i5 520 from IrelandAll -

I thought the i5 was being manufactured in Rochester...I guess I was 

I received this message today from my client's iSeries system 
administrator, who received it from his IBM business partner.  (See below)


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Subject: This is the i5 520 from Ireland
I finally got the schedule ship date from IBM.  It is October 11th. 
Normally it takes four business days to deliver.  However, this unit is 
coming out of Dublin, Ireland.  IBM said they have had some issues with 
customs.  Once it ships I can start tracking.  As far as setting up your 
travel plans, I would give it until 10/21 or 10/22 as a projected arrival.

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