> Alternately there is another database field type called a
> DATALINK which contains the URL (path) of the PDF file.
> If setup with "database permissions", the system will
> secure the PDF file in the IFS and require an "access
> token" read from the database file in order to reference
> the PDF file.

Whoa, I think I need to know more about this DATALINK.  We have a need in
the near future to reference photos, drawings, signatures that will be
stored in the IFS and link them to a particular record in the native
database.  Or should I say, the native file record will have links to the
IFS objects.  Without fully recognizing all of the capabilities, the only
function I could see using this for would be to automatically pop up a
photo/drawing/signature in Windows when a user hits a function key on a
green-screen app (F9=Show mug shot).

However, looking through the archives, I have to wonder how stable this is.
In http://archive.midrange.com/midrange-l/200203/msg02072.html, Richard
Theis of IBM shows what appear to be several complex steps to set up and
then adds "Sometimes, it works !"  He provides a reference that I have yet
to look at, but if it is typical of most IBM manuals, it won't give any "how
to" advice.

I guess I'm still unclear about the difference between a BLOB and a
DATALINK.  Anyone feel like taking a stab?


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