I understand, and in the words of the support ceneter it works as designed 
:-(  Although I relly don't think Rochester intended for it to treat Blanks as 
Nulls and see D4C9404040 as D4C9.  So you might open an APAR, but since it's 
been this way since at least V4R5 (oldest I have) not sure you will be able to 
get it fixed. 

     QCMDEXEC might work right, but the CMD processor just does not appear as 
if it's going to do what you want in a CLP.  Other option migt be an OPNQRYF to 
do the include and then the copy..



Each field value specified is converted from the displayed format to the type 
defined by the field in the from-file record format. <b> If a value is 
specified for a character field that is shorter than the actual field, the 
comparison is performed using only the length of the character string value. 
</b> A value specified for a character field is converted from the current job 
CCSID to the CCSID of the from-file field. A value specified for a numeric 
field is converted to an internal form with the same number of decimal numbers 
defined in the DDS for the field. For DBCS graphic fields, specify the input 
string (DBCS data) within SO-SI characters. The SO-SI pair is removed from the 
input string and the remaining DBCS data is converted from the associated DBCS 
CCSID of the current job to the DBCS CCSID of the DBCS graphic field. If a 
value is either too large for the corresponding record format field definition, 
or cannot be converted to the type required for the field, an error message is 
sent and the copy operation is not done. 

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I've given up. I'm going to try this approach:


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JMS wrote:
> Did I enter this thread to late and miss something .....

I think so.  <g>  Paul already responded, so I'll just reiterate that we
*know* (but absolutely dislike) that CPYF has the behavior of returning
results for (TxSuf LIKE 'MI%') when specifying INCREL((TxSuf *eq &Var5)) 
&Var5 is a 5-byte alpha with a value of 'MI   '.  In my data, the 
will be returned:


The question becomes, how do I code CPYF INCREL so that it only returns an
EQUAL hit?


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