I would like to provide our web server direct access to our AS/400
production data via SQL server commands, but at the same time have that
access controlled and restricted to read-only so that database integrity
remains intact.   I've created a logical file based on the physical
file(s) in question, and have tried numerous combinations of object
authority changes on both the logical file and user profile used by the
web server in order to test against SQL Deletes coming from the web
server and nothing has worked.

I'm surprised to have not found anything relating to this in the
archives, and am wondering if I'm completely missing an easier or more
accepted approach to my issue.  Does anyone have any ideas or


If you want a logical to be read only, specify the fields as 'I'nput 
instead of the default 'B'oth. (column 38 on the A-spec)

The same effect can be achieved through security, but that only matters
if multiple users/groups need to use the same logical in different ways.

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