> John Jones wrote:
> Subject: RE: IBM response on my CPYFRMIMPF request
> Before you CPYFRMIMPF, could you QSH CMD('sed s/","/~,~/g
> <srcpath/srcfile >targetpath/targetfile') to replace the "," with ~,~
> (note: syntax not checked but should be pretty close)?  Maybe a Unix
> guru can chime in here but that should use the Stream EDitor to
> Substitute the / delimited "," with the / delimited ~/~ Globally (all
> occurrences on each line).

John -

What if you have a comma embedded within the field data?  This is one of the
major reasons for using a delimiter on alphanumeric fields, since otherwise
the comma would be seen as the start of a new field.

"Billy Bob", "123 Main Street","Austin, Texas"

BTW, I haven't yet found a way when exporting data from Excel to create a
CSV with " as the delimiter to protect against this situation.

Steve Landess
Austin, Texas
(512) 423-0935

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