I have a CL which creates a file in QTEMP, populates it,
then reads it in a loop. So far so good.

Then it delays x seconds & repeats the process.
This time, no processing occurs within the loop,
because although the file is repopulated,
the pointer is stuck at end-of-file at this stage.
As you might guess, this was not the plan!

I considered using OPNDBF with POSDBF.
But from what I've read, RCVF won't share its ODP,
so that's out.

Do I have to resort to generating a new QTEMP file,
suppressing level check, overriding to it
& calling an RPG just to get the pgm to start again from the top
every time I repopulate the file?
I don't want to use RPG because most of the functions
performed are CL functions, perfect for a CL pgm.

Or should I delete & recreate the file each time - will that reposition it?
All suggestions gratefully received, hope someone knows the theory
better than I do : )



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