First, I would never trust the postal service to safely deliver a system
backup tape I might need to continue running my business.  They irradiate
all mail to destroy biological weapons being sent through the mail and this
has rather nasty effects on magnetic media.  You can certainly mark the box
"DO NOT IRRADIATE!  MAGNETIC MEDIA!", but that won't guarantee it won't be
irradiated anyway by carelessness.

Second, you might look at using remote journalling, a topic that was
recently covered on this list about a month or so ago, instead of relying on
tape saves and file transfer.  Al Barsa has a product he describes as cheap
that may help you here at
The time you save from "rolling your own" may be worth the cost. 

Hope that helps. 

Donald R. Fisher, III
Project Manager
Roomstore Furniture Company
(804) 784-7600 extension 2124

We are currently thinking about solutions to recover one or more AS/400. We
will probably buy a new AS/400, but we don't want to use mirroring or
external software. Knowing that AS/400 has no activity between 6 p.m. and 8
a.m., I'd thought using following method :
- A total system safe ("go save" 21) on tape once a week on saturday
morning. A copy of the tape will be sent to the backup by postal mail.
- At end of each production day, save all modified objects (SAVCHGOBJ) and
send it to backup by using file transfer.
- 4 or 5 times a day, save the JRN files and send it to backup by using file
transfer too.

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