Hello Doug, 

It was mentioned that you can use the QPGETSP API to roll your own spool 
file retreival. This works, but can take some time to code. 

There's really no other good way to extract raw *USERASCII spool file data 
from an output queue without resorting to a commercial product. 

Swiftview is a nice viewer to use and can also tie into our WinSpool/400 
Report Download software if you associate the .PCL extension with any 
files you download from an output queue. 

Hope this helps. 

Richard Schoen
RJS Software Systems Inc. 

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message: 6
date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 19:09:49 -0400
from: "Doug Hart" <doughart@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
subject: RE: Viewing PCL Reports

Thanks for the tip.  I had thought of a PC tool like Quick View Plus but 
the problem becomes more difficult.  A PCL file in an Outq cannot be 
displayed, copied, or sent.  I even tried using CA's iSeries Navigator to 
drag & drop it to my Windows desktop.  But get the same issues.  Since I 
can't export it, PC viewers are out.  The file type of *USERASCII (ASCII 
data stream) is the problem.

Again thanks for the idea.

Doug Hart

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