> From: Hans Boldt
> Like with many things in life, there can be great rewards in
> breaking out of your "comfort zone".

Because I don't choose to learn Linux says nothing about me or my
intellectual goals or pursuits.

Just like everything else in life, Hans, it's not for you to determine
what I should or should not learn.  These past couple of years I've
learned more new things than I can count, all with the BUSINESS GOAL of
making my clients' jobs easier.

That's what I should be learning.  Anything that does not make my
clients' lives easier is not to be pursued, except to rule it out, and
revisit it occasionally to see if it got better (Mozilla and Linux,
sadly, have not gotten "better enough" yet).

At least during working hours.  Playtime is different, of course. But,
if you've got the time to sit around a computer with your playtime and
learn a new operating system or new language "for fun", then you've got
more time than I do (and much stranger priorities).  Heck, I waste more
time here than I can afford <grin>.  I've got a family, with a little
baby on the way.  I can't see spending any more time on the computer
than necessary with a new baby in my life.

Anyway, take your stuffy little jibes about "comfort zones" and stick
'em in... /dev/null.


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