I strongly agree with Rob.  The newest releases (maybe with the
exception of V4R5) have had very significant features (fractional and
dynamic LPAR, Web based enhancements, etc.).  Most of the 'good' stuff
requires both a current O/S level and fairly recent hardware model.
Hanging on to an old version of either will eventually back you into a

Just my opinion.....

Glenn Birnbaum

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I can't help but go off on a tangent.

What would it take for you to believe that a new OS feature is 'usable'?
I've found stuff in every release that has excited me.  The boss almost
gave me a 400.  I was hesitant to accept it because V5R1 is the last
release that will ever run on that machine.  I would hate to be stuck.

Rob Berendt

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