"Palace Guard" wrote:

> Mentioning that a certain vendor is "giving" away free
> software is indeed a "vendor endorsement" as opposed
> to a reccomendation from hands on experience with a
> "product".

You might try looking up the word "endorsement" in a dictionary, if you
possess one. What jt actually said was:

>> Mea culpa.  (GOTTA clear off some disk, and get the
>> free PowerTech tools implemented, at the very least...
>> blush)-:

If that's an endorsement, then I'm Alan Turing.

> End of discussion

Because your case is so strong it's unanswerable, or because it's so weak
you don't want any replies? It's extremely childish to make a point and
then shout "end of discussion", especially when you have just had the gall
to call someone with the stature of Neil Palmer a smart aleck.

> and let's get on with informative info.

That's my favourite kind.

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