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>The reason that everything MUST be GUI is because the users feel that
>Windows is SOOOOO much easier to use.   Even though it's not!  Even though
>running an option from an OS/400 menu is much easier, they STILL insist
>on Windows.   THATS why everything must be GUI.

Actually, my belief is that windows is so popular because of our insatiable
need to be entertained at all moments in our life. After all... look where
our money goes.... sports stars, movie stars, etc. The workers behind the
screens want to be entertained during their work. They play computer golf or
solitaire between keystrokes of meaning....

>Incidentally, the assertion that Linux is character based is a half-truth.
>Unix is designed to serve many terminals connected to one central system,
>just as OS/400 is.  Linux & friends have a graphical environment called
>'X11' which gives it the best of both worlds.

X is available for the 400. X is available on, and was created for Unix. It
would be a mistake to assume that X was made for Linux. It was adopted. But
X is just the API, it's not the graphics environment of KDE or GNOME, but
the engine that enables those environments.

>OS/400 does not have a graphical environment at all.   And it's character
>displays being "screen at a time" based are more efficient for processing
>purposes, but MUCH less flexible than the character at a time model that's
>used in the Unix/PC world.

And in that vein, Linux does not have a graphical environment either. It's
just if you put a distribution like RedHat on a box, the graphical
environment is installed and activated.

R. Bruce Hoffman, Jr.
 -- IBM Certified Specialist - AS/400 Administrator
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"America is the land that fought for freedom and then
  began passing laws to get rid of it."

     - Alfred E. Neuman

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