Something's going on with SNADS and distributions between our
development AS/400 and other production AS/400s.

The simplest case is that we use SNDNETMSG on production boxes to send
messages to us on the development box.  We still get the "Message sent
to 1 users. Not sent to 0 users." message.  DSPDSTLOG on the sending box
shows the *ORG, *RTR, and *SND entries, all *NoRMal.  DSPDSTLOG on the
receiving box shows the *RCV entry only, which is also *NoRMal.  This
tells me that the two AS/400s are at least talking to each other, but
somehow the distribution is not being routed.  Prior to our having
problems with this, DSPDSTLOG would show the *RCV, *RTR, and *ARV

We tried ending QSNADS and restarting QSNADS, no help.  When QSNADS is
restarted, the following messages appear in QSYSOPR:
  Bridge server job not contacted to begin sending.
  Starting recovery for SNADS gateway sender 633303/QGATE/TCPIP,
    *RPDS distribution queue QSMTPQ
  Extended bridge function serving QSMTPQ started.

Also, tried doing a SNDNETMSG from the development (problem) box to a
production system.  The only entry in DSPDSTLOG is *ORG; no *RTR or *SND

FWIW, the development box is V3R2 and all other boxes are V3R7 or

BTW, we can SNDNETMSG from any one of the production boxes to any of the
other production boxes and receive those messages.

Any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Bale
IT - AS/400
Handleman Company
248-362-4400  Ext. 4952

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