This week I was filling in for a co-worker who's on vacation.  I had to send
a reasonably large file (1.3 gig) by FTP.  Our procedure has been to move
the file down to a PC hard drive, zip it, and send the zip file from the pc
because direct FTP from the 400 was very slow.

Because I didn't have enough room on my hard drive, I tried FTPing the file
to an IFS directory, in hopes of sending it from there.  If I hadn't killed
the job, it would have taken nearly three hours to FTP the file to to the
IFS.  I deleted a bunch of files from my PC hard drive and was able to FTP
the file to my PC in 30 minutes.

I hope this isn't normal.  If not, what sorts of things should we look for
in the TCP/IP configuration on the 400?

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